The first Associated Press Top 25 rankings forward of an unprecedented 2020 season launched on Monday, unofficially summoning the beginning of college football with staggered openers starting later this month. According to the AP, ballot voters have been requested to “consider all Division I teams when filling out their ballots”, so the preseason ballot contains groups from conferences which have determined to not play this fall.

After video games start, voters will rank solely groups which might be scheduled to play, inflicting a serious shift from what we’re used to seeing each week. 

The Big Ten and Pac-12’s decisions to postpone all fall sports earlier this month was vilified nationally on account of timing, many saying it was too early to make an all-call to finish football. Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren was met with a petition from Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields and protests from dad and mom outdoors of the Big Ten headquarters, but the decision is final.

“The preseason poll has always been a speculative ranking of teams based on last year’s results and knowledge about the new makeup of teams,” stated Michael Giarrusso, AP’s world sports activities editor, in a narrative printed on Sunday. “This year, we think it is crucial to give all the teams and all their fans a snapshot look at what the Top 25 would have been to open the season.”

With nationwide title frontrunners out entrance and a number of other offseason momentum darlings contained in the Top 10, here is a have a look at the total preseason ballot from the AP:

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