You’ve acquired to arrest these folks. You’ve acquired to arrest these folks, and also you’ve acquired to cost them. And you’ll be able to’t do the deal the place they get one week in jail. These are terrorists. These are terrorists. They’re seeking to do unhealthy issues to our nation. It shouldn’t be exhausting to maintain, and we’re going to maintain this. [unclear] We’ve acquired quite a few folks right here that you simply’ll be seeing lots of. General Milley is right here, he’s head of Joint Chiefs of Staff, a fighter, a warrior, has lots of victories and no losses. And he hates to see the way in which it’s being dealt with within the varied states, and I’ve simply put him in cost. The legal professional normal is right here, proper right here, Bill Barr. And so we are going to activate Bill Barr, and activate him very strongly. And we’re strongly — the secretary of protection is right here — we’re strongly on the lookout for arrests. We do should get a lot harder. We’re going to recover from it. I do know Gov. Walz is on the telephone and we spoke. And I totally agree with the way in which he dealt with it the final couple of days. I requested him to try this. Get lots of males. We have all of the women and men that you simply want. The folks aren’t calling them up. You should dominate. If you don’t dominate, you’re losing your time. They’re going to run over you. You’re going to appear to be a bunch of jerks. You should dominate. And it’s a must to arrest folks, and it’s a must to strive folks. And they should go to jail for lengthy durations of time. I noticed what occurred in Philadelphia. I noticed what occurred in Dallas the place they kicked a man to demise. I don’t if he died or not, but when he didn’t it’s a miracle. What they did to him, they have been kicking him like I’ve by no means seen something prefer it in my life. People don’t discuss that. They don’t discuss that. They’re speaking about lots of different issues, however they don’t discuss that. But I noticed what occurred in Dallas, and people children are all scum, they’re smart guys. And it’s coming from the novel left. You comprehend it. Everybody is aware of it, nevertheless it’s additionally looters, and it’s folks that determine they will get free stuff by working into shops and working out with tv units. I noticed it. The child has lots of stuff. He places it at the back of a model new automotive and drives off. You have each one among these guys on tape. Why aren’t you prosecuting them? Now the more durable you’re, the harder you’re, the much less probably it’s that you simply’re going to be hit. This is a motion. We came upon they’re delivering provides to varied locations and varied states. Your folks learn about it now. But we came upon many issues. It’s like a motion, and it’s a motion that if you happen to don’t put it down, it is going to worsen and worse. This is like Occupy Wall Street. It was a catastrophe till at some point someone stated, “That’s enough.” And they simply went in and wiped them out. That’s the final time I heard the identify Occupy Wall Street till right now, after I heard about it. I heard Occupy Wall Street. I haven’t heard about it. I heard about it right now for the primary time in a very long time. They have been there for perpetually, it appeared, on Wall Street. They closed up Wall Street, the monetary district of the world, and so they had complete domination. They have been ordering pizzas. Nobody did something. And then at some point, someone stated, “That’s enough.” You’re getting out of right here inside two hours. And it was bedlam for an hour, after which after that, all the things was lovely. And that was the final time we heard about it. But these are the identical folks. These are radicals, and so they’re anarchists. They are anarchists. Whether you prefer it or not. I do know a few of you guys are totally different persuasion, and that’s OK — I totally perceive that. I perceive each. I’m for everyone. I’m representing everyone. I’m not representing radical proper, radical left. I’m representing everyone. But it’s a must to know what you’re coping with. This occurred earlier than. This occurred quite a few instances, and the one time it’s profitable is once you’re weak. And most of you’re weak. And I’ll say this. What’s gone on in Los Angeles, I’ve a pal who lives in Los Angeles. They say all the shop fronts are gone. They’re all damaged and gone. The merchandise is gone. It’s a disgrace. It simply didn’t look as unhealthy as that to me. Maybe it was the sunshine. I don’t know. But in Los Angeles, the shop fronts are gone. Philadelphia is a large number. Philadelphia, what occurred there’s horrible, and that was on tv. They’re breaking into shops, and no one confirmed as much as even cease them — there was no — no one confirmed as much as cease them. Well, Washington, they’d giant teams, very giant teams. They attacked the A.F.L.-C.I.O. constructing, so that they attacked, in concept, they’re pals, which may be very fascinating. But Washington was below excellent management, however we’re going to have it below way more management. We’re going to pour in 1000’s of individuals. And we have been below guard of the D.C. police, the mayor, the mayor of Washington D.C. And Secret Service did an excellent job across the White House, however there’s all totally different precautions across the White House. But — and we’re going to clamp down very, very robust. But you’ve acquired to arrest folks. You should strive folks. You should put them in jail for 10 years. Then you’ll by no means see these things once more. And it’s a must to allow them to know that. They’re attempting to get folks out on bail in Minneapolis. I perceive they’re in there attempting to get all these guys out on bail. So you’ve gotten them on tape, you’ve gotten them on tv. In historical past, there’s by no means been anyone taped a lot committing against the law. You have these guys throwing rocks. And you might might see their face. They confirmed, they confirmed it final evening on one of many stations of one of many networks, throwing an enormous brick. And they’d them in slow-motion replay. They put them on identical to a fielder catching a ball, and throwing a ball. They have the slow-motion replay. You see precisely who he’s. Everybody is aware of. You’ll discover out precisely. You have — everyone is on tape. You higher arrest all these folks, and also you’ve acquired to strive them. And in the event that they get 5 years to 10 years — they should get 5 years or 10 years. There’s no retribution. So I say that, and the phrase is dominate. If you don’t dominate your metropolis and your state, they’re going to stroll away with you. And wait until I get in Washington and D.C., we’re gonna do one thing that folks haven’t seen earlier than. But you’ve acquired to have complete domination. And then it’s a must to put them in jail, and it’s a must to authorize, no matter it’s, whoever it’s, you authorize. And with that, I’ll let Bill Barr say a couple of phrases, then I’m going to have General Milley communicate. Let’s go, Bill.

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