Days after the assembly the place the reins of India’s ‘Grand Old Party’ have been once more handed over to Sonia Gandhi, Kapil Sibal, one of the signatories to a letter calling for core modifications, mentioned that not one of the considerations they’d raised have been addressed. In an interview with The Indian Express, the senior chief mentioned: “The Congress party needs a de jure and a de facto president and the concerns outlined in the letter should be addressed “as soon as possible”.

“Not one request of ours, the concern of ours reflected in the letter has been sought to be addressed in that [CWC] meeting – not one. Yet we are called dissenters,” Sibal mentioned responding to questions over rising distance between the senior leaders and the Gandhi household.

The Congress has been going through a management disaster with the baton being handed inside the Gandhi household at common events. Speaking on the necessity of secure occasion chief, Sibal mentioned, “Can anybody oppose the fact that we should have a whole-time, 24×7 president of the party? Either they should say they don’t want it – then there will be dissent – but they also agree with it. We haven’t had a whole-time president since July 3, 2019. Does the Congress party believe there should not be a whole-time president, that we should not have elections?”

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“All the concerns that we have placed before the party…if they do not agree then only, we are dissenters. The fact is we are at a historic low. Do they disagree with that?…. This whole question of dissenters is completely unacceptable,” he advised The Indian Express.

to stay interim president for six months or longer till an All India Congress Committee (AICC) session is held to ‘select or elect’ a successor. Rahul remained non-committal on returning as occasion chief (Photo: PTI)

The signatories of the letter have been at loggerheads and termed dissenters inside the occasion by Gandhi household loyalists. Responding to allegations of bidding for the BJP, Sibal mentioned, “What is it that we want from the BJP? We say that you are not following our Constitution. You have destroyed the foundations of democracy, inclusiveness of India. Our main rival is BJP. We are the ones attacking Modi on destroying the very fundamentals of democracy by not adhering to the Constitution…. We want adherence to our (party’s) constitution. Who can object to that? We say that our constitution should prevail just as the Indian Constitution should prevail and [PM Narendra] Modi should function in the context of that. What is wrong with that?…Our concerns are on principles. None of us want a post.”

Three senior leaders of the Congress, together with 5 former Chief Ministers, many members, sitting MPs, and several other former Union Ministers had written to calling for sweeping modifications inside the occasion construction. The letter referred to as for a secure occasion chief and steered daring reforms to tackle an ever-growing BJP.