A Multnomah County circuit choose at present ordered a key doc unsealed within the deadly capturing Aug. 29 of Aaron J. Danielson in downtown Portland.

From all accessible proof, it seems that Danielson was shot by Michael Reinoehl, 48, who himself was fatally shot by police as they tried to arrest him close to Lacey, Wash., on Thursday night time.

A 19-page affidavit, first reported by The New York Times, lays out the Portland Police Bureau’s possible trigger for Reinoehl’s arrest. It contains info from a sequence of typically conflicting witness interviews concerning the circumstances of Danielson’s killing, which occurred at about 8:45 pm Aug. 29 close to the intersection of Southwest third Avenue and Alder Street.

Here are three items of info within the arrest warrant affidavit that shed new gentle on the killing:

“Had I stepped forward, he would have maced or stabbed me,’ Reinoehl told Vice.

But in the 19-page affidavit, there is no mention of a knife found on or near Danielson. The warrant does say that when a medic provided medical treatment to Danielson, there was an expandable metal baton found near him, along with can of “bear assault deterrent” that appeared to have been hit by a bullet. The medic also discovered a loaded Glock 17 pistol—still holstered and not fired—at Danielson’s waist, along with three extra magazines in the pockets of his cargo shorts.

2. After the fatal shooting, a Clackamas County sheriff’s deputy told a Portland detective that, during a criminal investigation of Reinoehl’s son earlier in August, she’d asked to look through the younger man’s phone. He complied.

An Aug. 7 text message to the younger Reinoehl from somebody identified in his contacts as “Dad” (presumably Reinoehl) made an unusual request:

“Sell me the gun for 1 / 4 pound of weed and $100 i am getting drained of this shit i would like a chunk now,” the text said.

(Portland police arrested Reinoehl on July 5 at a protest and seized a loaded gun from him. After Danielson’s death, they found part of .380 Winchester shell casing but never located the gun in a subsequent search of Reinoehl’s home.)

3. The Oregonian earlier reported on a video taken by a Facebook livestreamer named Justin Dunlap. Dunlap’s video captured much of the interaction between Reinoehl and Danielson, but what’s new in the arrest warrant affidavit are video and still images from a previously unreported surveillance camera located at the nearby headquarters of Moda Health at 601 SW 2nd Ave.

That video, shot from a different angle and from a higher vantage point than Dunlap’s street-level perspective, provides what appears to be a shot of Reinoehl lying in wait for Danielson and his friend, Chandler Pappas.

Lead Det. Rico Beniga describes in the arrest warrant affidavit what the video shows:

Shortly earlier than 8:45, Reinoehl “turns into the storage entry and reaches towards his left entrance waist space,” Beniga writes. “Reinoehl conceals himself, waits and watches as Danielson and Pappas proceed strolling by.”

Pappas and Danielson walk south on 3rd Avenue where they “don’t seem to work together or talk with anybody.”

“Danielson seems to be holding a can in his left hand and what seems to be an expandable baton in his proper hand,” Beniga notes. “After Danielson and Pappas stroll by, Reinoehl begins to emerge from storage whereas nonetheless reaching towards the pocket or pouch on his waistband.”

Reinoehl and an unidentified associate then follow Pappas and Danielson as they cross 3rd westbound, Beniga writes. “The capturing occurred shortly thereafter and isn’t captured on the surveillance video.”

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