Continuing his assaults on the Central authorities relating to the financial scenario in the nation, Congress chief on Sunday mentioned that one of many main motive for the “historic decline in Gross Domestic Products (GDP) is the Gabbar Singh Tax (GST) of the Modi government”.

The Congress chief’s remarks got here in the third video of his new collection titled “how the Modi government has destroyed Indian economy” in which he mentioned that the Democratic Alliance (NDA)’s Gross Service Tax (GST) is not a tax system however it is an assault on India’s poor.

“Another major reason for the historic decline in GDP is the Gabbar Singh Tax (GST) of the Modi government. It destroyed many things like- Millions of small businesses, the future of millions of jobs and youth and the economic situation of states. means economic apocalypse,” he mentioned on Twitter (translated from Hindi) and posted a video together with it.

India’s fee dropped to -23.9 per cent in the primary quarter of the present fiscal as a result of Covid-19 induced lockdown.

Explaining his views in the video, the Congress chief mentioned, “is the second assault on the casual sector of the financial system. GST was UPA’s idea which professed that there will one tax, least tax, and a simple tax. But NDA’s GST is completely different in which there are four different types of taxes and up to 28 per cent tax. It is complicated and not easy to be understood by many. The small and medium businesses cannot file their taxes under NDA’s GST. But the big companies can easily file it after getting help from 5 to 15 accountants.”

“There are 4 types of rates because the government wants those who have the reach and resources can manipulate the system. Those who do not have reach and resources can not do anything. Who are resourceful? 15 to 20 corporates and whatever changes they want, they can change under this GST regime,” he added.

Congress chief alleged that the results of NDA’s GST is that for the primary time, the Central authorities is unable to present cash to States collected by way of tax.

“What is the result of NDA’s GST? For the first time, the Central government is unable to give money collected by GST to the States. All state governments are unable to pay to teachers and other employees. So, GST has failed. It is an attack on the poor and MSMEs. GST is not a tax system it is an attack on India’s poor, farmers, shopkeepers. We have to identify the attack and we have to stand up against it,” he mentioned.

In the second video launched on September 3, had mentioned that demonetisation was an assault on India’s casual sector which primarily included poor labourers, farmers and small shopkeepers.

In the primary video launched on August 31, the previous Congress chief alleged that the NDA authorities has been attacking the casual sector over the previous 6 years and asserted that the intention of demonetisation, “wrong” Goods and Services Tax (GST) and lockdown is to destroy this sector.