Dr. Sean Conley, third from proper, a Navy veteran and President Donald Trump private doctor, walks to Marine One from the White House in Washington, Saturday, April 28, 2018, for the brief journey to Andrews Air Force Base en path to Michigan with the president.

Carolyn Kaster | AP

President Donald Trump‘s doctor, in a rare official assertion issued at the behest of the president Tuesday, mentioned that Trump has not skilled or been evaluated for a stroke, mini-stroke or heart-related emergencies.

The assertion got here hours after Trump claimed on Twitter that unnamed persons are “trying to say that your favorite President, me, went to Walter Reed Medical Center, having suffered a series of mini-strokes.”

“Never happened to THIS candidate – FAKE NEWS,” Trump wrote in a tweet.

Trump’s tweet in flip, got here shortly after FoxNews.com, the on-line sister of Fox News, revealed an article noting that Joe Lockhart, who had served as White House press secretary beneath President Bill Clinton, on Monday tweeted, “Did @realDonaldTrump have a stroke which he’s hiding from the American public?”

The president is an avid watcher of Fox News.

NBC News’ White House correspondent Peter Alexander reported Tuesday that Trump was responding to Lockhart’s tweet.

Dr. Sean Conley, the president’s doctor, in his assertion mentioned that Trump “has asked that I … address the recent public comments regarding his health.”

“I can confirm that President Trump has not experienced nor been evaluated for a cerebrovascular accident (stroke), transient ischemic attack (mini stroke), or any acute cardiovascular emergencies, as have been incorrectly reported in the media,” Conley mentioned.

“The President remains healthy and I have no concerns about his ability to maintain the rigorous schedule ahead of him,” Conley mentioned.

“As stated in my last report, I expect him to remain fit to execute the duties of the Presidency,” he added

The White House did not instantly reply to CNBC when requested what media retailers or reporters had claimed he could hay suffered a stroke, mini-stroke or heart assault.

But in latest days, there has been hypothesis on Twitter, by Lockhart’ and others, that the president could have had a stroke at the time he made a go to to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center final November.

That go to was not beforehand introduced on his official schedule.

The White House at the time had claimed that Trump went to the hospital for medical tests as part of his annual physical.

Lockhart’s tweet came on the heels of a report by CNN about a forthcoming ebook by New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt, which discusses the Walter Reed go to.

Schmidt wrote that he had discovered “in the hours leading up to Trump’s trip to the hospital, word went out in the West Wing for the vice president [Mike Pence] to be on standby to take over the powers of the presidency temporarily if Trump had to undergo a procedure that would have required him to be anesthetized.”

After Lockhart posted his tweet speculating on the query of whether or not Trump had had a stroke, Dr. Ronny Jackson, a former White House doctor for Trump, replied to it in what Lockhart mentioned was an assault.

Jackson, who’s operating for a seat in Congress representing a Texas district, later deleted the reply, Lockhart mentioned. 

Jackson “basically said that this was all fake news and he could attest to the President being in great health,” Lockhart instructed CNBC.

“Not sure how he could do that since he wasn’t the doc at the time of the Walter Reed visit,” Lockhart added.

Trump’s reelection marketing campaign later known as for CNN to fireside Lockhart as a political analyst for “knowingly pushing a conspiracy theory about President Trump’s health.”

“If another CNN employee said similar things about Barack Obama they’d be fired immediately, so the same standard should be applied here,” the marketing campaign mentioned in a ready assertion. “That is, of course, unless CNN is complicit in the smear campaign in order to level the playing field against Joe Biden, somebody who truly has lost a step.”

— Additional reporting by CNBC’s Christina Wilkie.